Last few weeks, on startup - intermittent noise but more common when engine has been sitting for some period - I get a bad noise on startup for around 20 seconds. I'm new to these cars but that sounds a little too harsh for lifter noise. After seeing how the cam chain tensioner works on these when doing the oil seals though I can...
valve clearance doesn't typically tighten- it gets more slack. you'd start to hear a valve lifter tick in the top end before you noticed performance issues as far as the engine 'acting up' goes. there's actually a special tool for those screw-type adjusters now, hyo, but just the mention of said adjusters got quite the reaction out of DH
Johnson Lifters wants to be your valve lifter source. A primary supplier with top tier manufacturing capabilities, the 90 year old company functions seamlessly within the high stress, low tolerance OEM environment where quality control inspections are mandatory and frequent. An essential part of Johnson Lifter’s quality control program is identifying and solving common lifter issues. In ... Melling changed the lifters in February of 2015 for all MDS Hemi applications: Front: JBK-7522 Rear : JBK-7523 Non-MDS: JBK-7521 (6.1 engine) The new MDS lifters did make it into the 2016 cars, but there is very, very little information out there from FCA regarding the valvetrain changes. Considering the problems, that's understandable.
I have a question about a tapping noise I hear upon starting my car up when it's cold. it always goes away when th car warms up and it that this is what is going on with my car. is anyone else getting a tapping noise upon cold startup, I live in.
Canon 7d clean hdmi out
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