Then as a class find the slope, y-intercept, domain, and range of the graphed line. With a partner, have students create a linear function and connect it to real-world context if possible. Have them represent the linear function in equation, tabular, and graphical forms on chart paper.
Find the y-intercept (b when the equation is y = mx + b). Plot the y-intercept, the point will be (0, b). Find the slope (m when the equation is y = mx + b). Make a single step, using the rise and run from the slope (make sure you go up to the right if it’s positive and down to the right if it’s negative).
Aug 24, 2015 · The equation of a line can be expressed as y = mx + b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept. To find the slope and y-intercept of 4x - 5y = 20 write the equation in the format y = mx + b For instance, find the slope of a line with the equation -4x + y = -2. To put this equation in slope-intercept form, move the term '-4x' to the right side by adding it to both sides of the equation. This gives you the equation 'y = 4x - 2,' which is now in slope-intercept form. The value of m in this equation is four, so that is the slope.
bequals the y-intercept of the line This equation of the line is called “slope-intercept” form because it easily shows both the slope and the intercept of the line. To find the equation of a line given the slope and intercept, simply plug into the equation. Example 1Write the equation of the line with slope 2 that has y- intercept 5.
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