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Much of the surviving works of Vietnamese literature have been in poetry form. The well-known 4-verse 11th century poem by Lý Thường Kiệt often quoted on Quora was possibly the most famous...
Forgive, but don't forget For you, but not for me Help yourself to see Do not learn slowly For things will pass you by There's no time to cry Anger replaces fear Overcome Forgiveness. A Poem. J.J. Tung.2 days ago · Amitabh Bachchan who is an avid social media user, has been sharing his thoughts and some beautiful poems and quotes that he comes across all year. The veteran actor enjoys a fan following of 44.9 ...
Forgiveness, forgiveness And we all stumble and we fall Bridges burn in the heat of it all But nothing's sweeter than the day, sweeter than the day we call out for forgiveness. 4. Forgiven by Sanctus Real. We can be sure of our place with God, as Sanctus Real reminds us that we are forgiven even when we don’t feel like we belong. Favorite Lyrics
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