Bohr model of the atom was proposed by Neil Bohr in 1915. It came into existence with the modification of Rutherford's model of an atom. Rutherford's model introduced the nuclear model of an atom, in which he explained that a nucleus (positively charged) is surrounded by negatively charged electrons.
What is the Bohr Model? The Bohr model describes how the atoms were believes to have specific orbits around the nucleus. What is the Emission Spectra? The Emission Spectra is the a spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a substance. Explain why elements produce their own colors characteristic colors when the emit photons.
Since Bohr’s model involved only a single electron, it could also be applied to the single electron ions He +, Li 2+, Be 3+, and so forth, which differ from hydrogen only in their nuclear charges, and so one-electron atoms and ions are collectively referred to as hydrogen-like atoms. Dec 01, 2014 · Neils Bohr’s model a nitrogen atom. Credit: These theories were later validated by observations made with the electron microscope. We also know that atomic weight is a product of ...
Left-click and hold to drag the symbol of the atom onto the nucleus. Then drag the correct number of electrons onto the energy levels! Check Your Work
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