Aang was the Avatar, which meant that he was an Airbender, Waterbender, Earthbender, and Firebender. But Avatars were always most deeply connected to their native element, which is why they always struggled with their native elements opposite. Aang was first and foremost an Airbender, so he felt the most at home during autumn, the Season of Air.
Aug 18, 2019 - Read the latest news about The Legend of Genji! This August update includes information on Artist and Writer progress; and we're introducing the Ocean Folk!
Aang miró fijamente a Zuko que espera a su próximo movimiento. Su mano acarició el eje de una vez antes de Zuko encajona la excitación con la boca. La mano de Aang estaba envuelta en el cabello ahora peluda de Zuko mientras su cabeza se balanceaba en el movimiento arriba y abajo, la mano girando hacia arriba el pene mancha de saliva. Novels Tagged as: Fanfiction. Hunter x Hunter: Noah's Heart 74.4K views. 3.3.
“Aang,” Sokka says very slowly, “are you telling me that you just conned an amnesiac—“ “It was an accident!” Aang cries. “—that you just accidentally conned an amnesiac Prince Zuko into betraying the Fire Nation?” Sokka corrects, without missing a beat. Aang tries one last time to defend himself. “I panicked,” he says ...
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